FILM DIALOG educational program

Objectives & Rules. Expectations and outcomes

FILM DIALOG methodology serves as a reminder that the world is a canvas for storytelling. Every corner holds untold tales, waiting to be discovered, and every moment is a potential masterpiece. It’s the filmmaker’s vision that transcends place and time, infusing each frame with the boundless inspiration of our surroundings.

Together, during this program we will explore the art of filmmaking in a way that awakens students inner storyteller and unleashes cinematic potential.

Welcome to a film school like no other, where inspiration is found in every frame and every heartbeat of the world around us.

This module will introduce 15-18 years old students to the discipline of Film Studies by focusing on the main theoretical and technical aspects of filmmaking and creative part on story development. Students will learn of the key concepts that can be used for creating a story , observing through lectures, seminars, screenings and excursions . Program has dedicated focus on documentaries.

Project: Film dialog // A non-formal learning curriculum

Project Nr. 2021-1-LT01-KA210-SCH-000032369

Program development was co-funded by KA210-SCH – Small-scale partnerships in school education.


This program should be led by a local person from organisation , with the extra help of professionals in the film-making and audiovisual sector if needed.

On EXTRA GUIDELINES there is a list of local tutors who can be contacted by the school / organisation planning to implement the program, and suggestions how a technical base can be solved (video, audio recording, editing tools, etc.).


Holistic Development through theory and practice in audio-visual industry.


Critical thinking, creativity, practical application, art appreciation, audiovisual industry basic knowledge.


Foster holistic development by combining theoretical knowledge with practical tasks. Encourage critical thinking and creativity in the filmmaking process. Through a balance of theoretical education and hands-on experience, teenagers can develop a comprehensive skill set that extends beyond technical proficiency. Encourage teenagers to reach out for more.

LOCAL TEACHER (adaptive timeline)


Program TWO should be led by professional expert(s) school / organisation invites.

Program duration : 6 months (two semesters) students are working with professional film makers.

Lectures are given by professionals who have passed the training system and have all the necessary information and base.


Holistic Development through theory and practice in audio-visual industry through documentary film making. Everything from pre-production to video cinematography & editing .


Critical thinking, creativity, practical application, art appreciation, audiovisual industry & technical basic knowledge.


Take an idea and fully translate it into unique video. Expand creativity though understanding essential filmmaking theories, principles, and ideas. Gain a school level understanding of conceptualizing, shooting, and editing a project. Produce original content without expensive equipment.

Profesional EXPERT/s (6 month)

Program Three OVERVIEW

Program THREE is designed as 10 days active practical workshop, best suitable for summer film school camp. During our PROGRAM THREE , students learn to develop an idea from concept through post-production as they produce and direct non-fiction projects. Students explore documentary techniques, genres, and styles, creating their own original content and short film. They will push their skills in composition, lighting, movement, and visual storytelling, while refining technical basics and learning to adapt those essential skills to any situation.


Broaden students understanding of non-fiction filmmaking , develop the skills needed to effectively manage and lead a project, including idea development, directing, and post-production tasks.


Practical Documentary Filmmaking. Portfolio Development.Network building & collaboration.


The program aims to equip teenagers with practical skills in documentary filmmaking. Emphasizing an active and practical approach, students will engage in hands-on filmmaking throughout the workshop. The objective is to provide real-world application of theoretical concepts, allowing students to apply their knowledge and skills in a practical filmmaking setting.

PRACTICAL (10 days workshop)