Project management


Nebula Cluster has an experienced management team and collaborators that can offer a variety of services to the film & visual arts industry in Lithuania and beyond:

Project management services

– EU Structural Funds in Lithuania
– Programmes curated by the National Innovation Agency (MITA)
– Creative Europe programmes
– Horizon 2020
– Other EU Commision and International programmes

Project management services include development of the project idea, preparation of applications, business plans, project management services.

International Collaboration

Nebula has an extensive network of partners both in Europe and beyond. It offers to match businesses, initiate international projects. Nebula is part of the extensive XR network around the world and offers news, insights from various international organizations.

R&D project development and management

Nebula has extensive experience in R&D concept analysis for the audiovisual industry, preparation of R&D business plans, consultation on available financial instruments. Nebula also consults companies in Lithuania on the available profit tax exemption based on the investment in R&D.


Nebula offers expertise and services for patenting products, services, brands.

Tax incentive for film production

Nebula and its team has extensive experience, network of financially able companies that network of financially able companies that can provide necessary cash flow into film production using Lithuanian film tax incentive scheme. It enables to cover up to 30% of film production costs.


Nebula Cluster implements its own projects, whose summary is provided below:

R&D promotion in the visual & arts industry

Nebula Cluster is implementing an R&D promotion project financed by the EU Structural funds. Its main aims is facilitating development new visual industry products, and cross innovations between industry members.

Project’s full name in Lithuanian is titled “Susikertančių medijų klasterio mokslinių tyrimų, ekspermentinės veiklos ir inovacijų plėtra siekiant didinti klasterio tarptautinį konkurencingumą”

Cross Motion

Nebula Cluster is part of the Baltic Sea region project Cross Motion is a EU- funded project (2016-2019). Its objective is to facilitate cooperation of screen industries (audiovisual and video-games industries) with other sectors such as education, tourism or healthcare.

More about the project

Strengthening the Clusters

Nebula Cluster is in cooperation with the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology that aims strengthening Lithuanian clusters, including ours. Agency’s team offers consultation services, event planning, support for business mission abroad.

Strengthening international capacity

Nebula Cluster is implementing a project that aims to strengthen international capacity of media industry members in Lithuania. It covers supporting export experts, participation in international events. Project’s full name in Lithuanian is titled “Nebulos klasterio tarptautinio konkurencingumo stiprinimas ”. More information about the project (in Lithuanian) here.