Nebula Cluster together with its members are offering various R&D services in the audio-visual industry. R&D services are offered in co-operation with the Film Studio (UAB “Kino Studija”), since it has recently implemented an EU funded project “Cross-media cluster R&D infrastructure development” (2017-2020).


R&D Service

Price*, Eur

High quality image extraction

50 to 200 Eur/hour

Extracted image viewing technology using Qtake Video Assitant

450 to 800 Eur/day

Digital image workflow, systemization, camera settings, signal integrity and image manipulation services

300 to 600 Eur/day

Image acquisition using interchangeable surface floor and wall equipment (with blue, green and black screens)

70 to 150 Eur/hour

360 image filming and testing

70 to 150 Eur/hour

360 image filming using drones

100 to 150 Eur/hour

Static video integration into XR products 

70 to 150 Eur/hour

Realtime XR image processing

100 to 200 Eur/hour

Creating props using 3D printing technology

25 to 100 Eur/hour

Digitization of dynamic images using Motion Capture technology

50 to 150 Eur/hour

Creating, testing and integrating 3D models and visual effects into film footage

50 to 150 Eur/hour

Acoustic measurements

150 Eur/hour

Audio file analysis and corrections

100 Eur/hour

Determination and measurement of exact denominations of radio electronic components

60 Eur/hour

* Final price will be concluded on the basis of the client’s needs, project scope, time and other possible criteria.